Rigging Instruction Video Tape Course

The Prevention of Riggers Mortis series has been developed to help educate riggers and other personnel about specifying and using rigging gear safely and correctly. It is divided into the following three segments:

1. #PRM-1 An introductory course entitled Introductory Prevention of Riggers Mortis designed to fit into a two-hour safety meeting. Includes 50 Tests, an Instructors Manual & answer key, 80-minute video and 50 riggers handbooks for reference. $399.00

2. #PRM-2 The rigging instruction course entitled Prevention of Riggers Mortis can be tailored to a company's needs from four hours to two full days. This course is on CD and covers such topics as: load control, sling loading, and rigging design. It includes 30 Workbooks & Tests, an Instructors Manual & answer key, and 30 riggers handbooks for reference. $799.00

3. #PRM-3 The hardware inspection course entitled Prevention of Riggers Mortis: Sling & Rigging Hardware Inspection is an advanced course that is independent of the rigging instruction course. Rigging hardware inspectors do not have to be riggers. This course can be presented in 4 hours or can take up to a full day. It comes on CD and includes 30 Workbooks & Tests, Instructors Manual & answer key. There is a list of samples required to make this course a hands-on experience for the participants. $599.00

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