Boost Your Web Site's Performance:
3 Things You Can Do Right Now

Let's face it, if your web site was an employee and it was time for an employee review, you'd probably fire your web site.

But like any good boss, you're hopefully looking for a couple of tips to give your "employee" to perform. Here are 3 tips for giving your web site a performance boost:

  1. Get More Traffic
    Add your company to Google Local. 25% of ALL commercial search is conducted by users looking for local businesses. If you aren't prominently displayed in Google Local, you're missing a good bit of that traffic. If you are in Google Local, review your listing and update it to be more accurate. Namely, add your web site's address if it's not listed.

  2. Increase the Chance for a Conversion
    Your web site's home page has 3-10 seconds to make a first impression. It must communicate what your company does and why your user wants to engage your company in a very short timeframe. So the logic is this: make your home page simple. Tell your user in one sentence what it is you do and why you do it (read the positioning statement template). The goal is to get them to another page in your web site that will offer value. If they are overwhelmed by your home page and don't know what you do, they will click--the Back Button.

  3. Know Your Performance: Review Your Stats
    Haven't looked at your web site's statistics in awhile? Ask your IT geek / web host / or current web developer for a link to your stats. Review them and then start asking questions. I guarantee you'll be surprised at what you'll find, and if you take action, you'll improve the performance of your web site. If you don't have statistics for your web site, start now by setting up a Google account.
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