Three Reasons to
Invest in Paid Search:

What is Paid Search? Also known as Pay-Per-Click, Paid Search allows you to create your own budget and decide where your ads are displayed. Here are three reasons why your company should be investing in Paid Search:

  1. You're in control. You decide your search terms, your budget and even where the ads should be displayed (geographically, i.e. Greenville, SC).

  2. You know if it's worth it. Paid Search is measurable so you know exactly how many visitors click on your ad and how many of those visitors take action (conversion rate). Therefore, if you spent $250 for the month in Paid Search, and you gained two new customers from the effort, you know that each new customer cost you $125 each. You simply ask yourself if it was worth it. If so, you might want to increase your monthly budget!

  3. You get exposure in strategic places. Using something called contextual advertising, you can target your customers' demographic information. For instance, if you target CEO's over 50, you can advertise on CNN's web site's business page. A much more targeted method over the general search population, and therefore, much more effective marketing.

    To learn more, read Merge's Guide on Paid Search.

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