Training and Inspection

Bairstow Lifting Products, Co. Offers the Following Services

A Live Test Drop Demonstration

  • Visual / Physical Demonstration of 220 lb. Test Weight
  • Test the Impact Of Shock & Non Shock Absorber Laynards
  • Test the Drastic Effect Knots Have on Lanyard Strength
  • Proper Inspection & Use of Fall Protection Equipment

Fall Protection Training

  • Fall Protection Awareness Class
  • Mobil Drop Test Demo
  • Videos Available

Free Inspections

  • Wire Rope
  • Rigging Gear
  • Fall Protection
  • Slings

Rigging Instruction Video Tape Course

  • Rigging Safety Is No Accident
  • This video, The Prevention Of Rigger Mortis, was developed to educate riggers and companies about specifying and using rigging gear correctly and safely
  • Course Package For 50 Rigging and Management Personnel

Proof Testing

  • Certification & Tagging
  • 650,000 LBS. Capacity
  • Hoist Repair and Testing