Web Site Assessment

Merge’s Digital Strategy has five key areas that if focuses on.  Our Web Site Assessment is designed to analyze these five areas for your current web site and provide valuable feedback as to what you may want to consider to improve the effectiveness of your web site.

The five areas of assessment include:

Is your site strategic in nature or just an online brochure?  What can be done easily to make it more strategic to generate measurable results?

How branded is your web site?  Criteria we look at from a branding perspective include (but not limited to):

  • Are you set apart from other sites in your industry?
  • Are you making a unique promise?
  • Is the look and feel of the web site reflect your brand?
  • Does the copy reflect your brand, and is it written for the web?

Site Traffic
How easy is it to find your web site, products and/or services?

  • Are you in Google Local?
  • Are you leveraging Adwords?
  • Are you listed in the search engines at all?

Programming / Functionality
Does your web site use custom programming to attain your web site’s goals?  What functionality could be used to help your web site generate results?

How does your web site perform against your industry’s benchmarks?  We’ll show you the average results for your industry for you to compare to your web site’s existing statistics.

To take advantage of Merge's Free Web Assessment service, please complete the form below. Once we've completed the assessment we will follow-up with you to schedule a time to go over your results.


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