Digital marketing that makes your P&L; more fun to show the board.

Too many businesses over-rely on familiar tools. Advertising agencies want to help you with a campaign. Web firms want to help you with a new site. At Merge, we want to help you succeed, period. We know how fast the digital world changes. These days it’s not enough to keep up: it pays to stay out front.

For over a decade (a veritable century in internet years), we’ve helped companies from start-ups to the Fortune 500 create and execute digital strategies that drive profitable revenue.

Do we create mobile apps? Sure. Do we build websites? Absolutely, when the strategy calls for it. But we’re far more interested in increasing brand awareness, generating leads, retaining customers, and increasing operational performance. Merge is a digital strategy agency that develops precisely the right digital tools for the task at hand.

Market Awareness

A good strategy starts with a good brand, and differentiating it from the competition.  Merge will develop a winning brand and positioning strategy. From there we’ll take it to the web and make sure you find the first page of Google.

Lead Generation

Through an integration of search marketing, nurture emails and social campaigns, we have a long track record of driving new, inbound leads to your door.

Acquire New Customers

Consumers are ready to buy, now let’s make sure your site can convert.  Intuitive user experience coupled with smooth and secure e-commerce will ensure your new friends won’t bounce.

Retain and Upsell Customers

Congrats, new customers! Now the hard part, keeping them.  We’ll design email marketing and social campaigns to keep your current customers aware of new products and services, specials and seasonal offerings.

Improve Operations

Gone are the days where you need nine software packages to track inventory, sales, and whatever else they were doing that you weren’t quite sure about.  Merge has built simple and scalable web-based software to manage sales forces, reign in the SKUs, and push real time product updates to distributors and retailers.

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