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Enterprise and the Web

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Enterprise Software usually = “It’s always been done this way.”

I had lunch with a VP of Interactive of a multi-billion dollar company and they recently had a $250,000 enterprise solution completed which was clunky and didn’t work so well.

So his team of web developers looked at the needed solution and decided that by using open source they could code the same project in two weeks. Well, it turns out, it took them only 12 HOURS.

The web isn’t always the perfect tool and sure, enterprise software has its place. But when all you have is a hammer of “enterprise everything,” then everything looks like an enterprise nail. As it happens, the web can be a hammer that drives enterprise nails-PHP, open source and the cloud can tackle problems just as easily, scalably and securely as SharePoint, .NET and server farms can. And when used correctly, the web can have a profound impact on both the top line and bottom line as well.

Bottom Line: Open source web and enterprise software each have their place, but overall, the web is becoming a more viable and cost effective option to tackling enterprise-sized problems.
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