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Will Google + Replace Blogging?

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I will admit to being fairly excited about Google +.  It was intriguing to see a new medium from it’s inception and find out how/when/why people would use it.  Would it be like Twitter, or maybe more like Facebook?  Turns out it’s a little of both, but with selective sharing.

One thing has surprised me though, the length of posts.  With no character limit, people are essentially posting blogs.  Its not uncommon to see two to three paragraph posts with embedded or linked media and the ability to receive commentary.  So the question is, will Google + replace users’ regular blog sites?  Not likely for those who get paid to blog, but definitely something to consider for those of us who just like to write and post interesting things when the mood strikes, and who aren’t concerned with site traffic.  Google + offers a couple advantages over hosting your own site (including free wordpress, blogger, etc. sites into this mix).  It’s free and requires no maintenance.  You don’t have to worry about getting hacked (right?). You can selectively share.  It makes for easy commentary.


Bottom Line:  While I don’t think G+ will replace Facebook anytime soon, it will be interesting to see if individuals, and eventually businesses take to this format in lieu of traditional blogs.