The Partnership Model

Merge is the only upstate web firm that has the diverse team of web specialists to offer a comprehensive web Partnership approach. Merge becomes your outsourced web division, delivering results through our M5 Digital Strategy Process.

Almost all web and marketing firms deliver web sites through the project model—in other words, the objective of the engagement is to deliver a website (versus results). We made the same mistake early on; however, Merge saw the light and we’ve since pioneered the Web Partnership Approach. Here are our firm’s beliefs that have led to only offering our services through our partnership model:

We believe...

  • ...a website should solve a problem
  • ...a website is not a widget, but a living, evolving solution
  • ...a comprehensive digital strategy delivers results; not just a simple website
  • takes a team of specialists, not one or two generalists, to execute a plan
  • is a reality and it should be proactive, not reactive (and quick)
  • ...our clients objective is to maximize results, not to minimize expenses
  • ...a prospect that wants the ability to change anything and everything on their website would be a better fit for one of our competitors
  • ...a client shouldn’t be nickel-dimed with support fees, but a flat monthly fee is the better way to go
  • doing a great job for a handful of clients vs. doing mediocre work for 100’s of clients
  • ...we’re on the same team as our client; going after the same goal.
  • ...the word “vendor” is a dirty word. It’s like calling an employee a slave (and expecting them to act like one).
  • can define success for a Digital Strategy, you can measure success and therefore you can continually make improvements
  • ...Merge’s own business partners play a key role in our success
  • ...we can only help a handful of prospects, but we’re willing to meet with anyone to find out if we’re a fit and vice versa.
  • ...“You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.” We believe that falling for anything is a bad business model.

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