Will McBee

Information Engineer

If it happens that you don't quite understand what just came out of Will's mouth, it's probably because he is speaking to you in a random foreign language or he's geeking out on some new technology he's particularly excited about. In fact, he loves technology so much that he refuses to work with just one aspect of it, leading him to all sorts of projects that have allowed him to help a variety of clients including Sega, Prima Publishing, Friends of Ed Publishing, Modulant, Jackson Marketing Group, the DOD and DLA portions of the US Government and Robert Bosch North America and Germany.

Will is a Greenville, SC native, a world traveler and a dedicated father to an awesome little boy.  He is also a son to a great mother; but admittedly he may be a bit biased about his son and his mother being the best a person could have in his life.  However, we'll share with you that he not biased when it comes to his passion for 3D graphics, Adobe products, gadgets, publishing or shoes. Let's just say, he's made for suede.

He attended the University of Colorado where he pursued a double major in computer science and electronic arts. With his almost twenty years of experience on the digital circuit is put to good use with Merge, for which we are grateful.

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