Jun 11

I love my job. I’m part of one of the greatest “inventions” since the telephone. Think of how we use the web on a daily basis:

  • Banking
  • Phone Book
  • Directions
  • Job Search
  • Movie Times
  • To reference anything (e.g. www.wikipedia.org)
  • Music (e.g. internet radio, or better yet, itunes.)
  • Sports Updates (even watching the NCAA tournament, the Masters, etc.)
  • Please comment, what are some other great uses?
  • The web is truly an amazing phenomenon. We have seen so much, in so little time. We feel priveledged that Merge is part of the revolution-albeit a small part we play-in the Greenville community. It is our hope that Merge will provide [business] “community apps” that will help local businesses leverage the web. Stay tuned.

    Isn’t the web great?