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Sep 27

Know where you’re going. I was reading this morning about a wise man who once said, “I know where I came from and where I am going…”

Do you know where you’re going? Knowing where you’re going-or where you want to be-is called vision. I recently wrote a vision for my business, my role as a husband and father, physically (exercise), etc. If you know where you’re going, you know how to live. I’ve coined this proactive living (vs. reactive living). If I’m not careful, I find myself slipping in and out of reactive living, which is no fun.

Knowing where you’re going makes all of the difference in the world. It gives you a basis to make decisions. Vision determines your next actions. It gives you permission to say “no” to activities that won’t get you there. And you end up getting what you wanted-try getting what you want with out knowing what it is you want!

I highly encourage you to define where you want to be. Write a vision for your business. Your personal life. Hey-even your web site…? (Merge can help you there if you need it).

By the way, the wise man I referenced earlier, he ended up getting to where he needed to be because he had a crystal clear vision. Good thing for you and me-he ended up saving the world.



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