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Oct 19

A new list service from Microsoft:

Here’s the latest from Microsoft Live Labs: Listas. Listas, get it? Funny, right? This is a list-sharing tool that lets you edit lists, share them with others, and search for public lists that have been created by users. Microsoft is proposing its use for just about any reason you’d make a list, including meeting notes, shopping lists, or casual event planning.

Now you have a place to aggregate and manage all of your lists. Items can be entered manually, or with a downloadable bookmarking tool, and there are a few formating options for the list itself, including font modification and a bullet system. Privacy settings for lists include public or private, and lists can be edited by other users in a wiki-manner as well. So now you and your friends can list the pros and cons of taking that trip to Vegas together (as if there were any cons).

See article.

Wow. Merge did this two years ago on a budget of, err, nothing. See What am I missing?

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