Dotcom is a Prodigal Son? Taking Action
Oct 28

This weekend I took my three kids to Mutt’s Barbecue. As we were eating our feast of pulled pork, my son asked why the restaurant was called Mutt’s. I told him that I didn’t know. That’s when my 3 year-old daughter chimed in: “Won’t your phone tell you?”

My, what different times we live in.

You see, my Blackberry knows all sorts of things. It knows: why pineapple is called pineapple, what an easel looks like, where the closest Moe’s is or what a Comanche Helicopter looks like.

These items are all things my kids have asked me about that I didn’t know. But my phone does. Simply pulling up Google or Wikipedia on my phone, I can find out about 98% of any question my kid may ask. I am now super dad.

The only thing that I couldn’t find out is why Mutt’s is called Mutt’s. We could help them with that problem.

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