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Dec 02

Google just released the beta “My Location” for Google Maps Mobile. If you aren’t familiar with Google Maps (Mobile), it’s an indispensable tool for your cell phone that has a data plan. I use it religiously as a substitute for GPS, to find restaurants, phone numbers, directions, etc.

The problem with GGM is that there was no easy way to tell GGM where you were located. So, on occasion, if I was lost or needed to get directions to somewhere from my current location, I would have to find a nearby address and type that in. Now, with My Location, Google estimates your location using triangulation from cell towers.

My test from my home located me on the map just one street over (Google says + / - 1700 meters). For the purposes of getting directions or finding a nearby restaurant, this serves my needs just fine.

To get GGM with My Location for your cell phone, just text Google “Bluedot” at 33669. See the Google video for more info:

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