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Jan 08

Today I looked at the blog canvas, and it was blank. For awhile. So I decided to write about that.

Sometimes I look at my business plan-and for all intents and purposes, it’s blank. I try to set goals for the year-blank. Heck, I try to figure out what to do for the weekend-blank.

What do I do when I’m facing a blank? I take off and come back later. But before I do, I “give” my brain the problem so it can continue to work it out while I’m doing something else. I’ve used this technique most successfully when programming. Many-a-time I’ve spent several hours trying to solve a programming problem to walk away and come back the next day and solve that impossible problem in two minutes. It has happened time and time again.

CNN has the story.

The next time you have a blank canvas in your life, walk away. Give the problem to your brain (ok, that sounds hokey, but try it) and go get some good sleep. Then try coming back to it. You might be surprised to find the problem has been solved, and your canvas is no longer blank.

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