Snow Day in Greenville Social Networking, Defined in the ’60s
Jan 21

There’s a big difference between a house and a home.

To a husband, he lives in a house. The husband sees his house as some sticks and brick. He may be proud of his garage or shed, but mostly, he just lives in his house.

To the the wife, its her home. Her home is the extension of herself. It welcomes guests in its ambiance. Her home cradles her family, provides a blanket of security and nurtures the little one’s until they’re ready to flee the nest. Her home, on the contrary, is not sticks and bricks-her home is full of emotion, love and self-expression.

We men, have made the same mistake with web sites. We “just want a web site.” So we hire someone to build such a thing. Replace sticks and bricks with code and some design. What do you get? A web site. Congratulations.

Enter branding. Now, your web site is no longer a web site. It’s an extension of your company. It tells the user-not necessarily through words but through experience-who you are. Your web site tells them why they should do business with you-not because its over selling, but because the user can now relate to your company. They don’t see a web site. They see a living, breathing personality. They have just had an experience with your company. They understand who you are, what you do and why they should do business with you. Ahhhh, what a difference.

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