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Feb 02

The future is almost here: I predict there will be a day that our phones are our ‘laptops.’ The scenario:

You will have a docking station with keyboard and monitor at home and at the office. When you are at work, you put your phone in the cradle. Everything-I mean everything, from Application to data reside on your phone. You’ll use the docking station just as you would a desktop computer, to type and view the contents on the monitor. The only difference is, your phone IS the computer. You uncradle the phone and head home.

Later that night, you wanted to work on Photoshop and Outlook. You put your phone in the cradle at home, and you have your entire work environment. No hauling around laptops. Those are so 2009. Going on a trip? So is your computer, because it’s also your cell phone.

Sounds cool? You can basically do it with an Application called MojoPac. This allows you to replicate your desktop on your iPod (or USB device), plug your iPod into another computer, and your PC’s desktop-applications and all-are there for you to work on. The only thing you need is a spare PC at your current location. So if you’re going to be visiting the folks, visiting a friend or going to a client’s office, you don’t need your laptop. Take your iPod or iPhone with MojoPac on it and you’re good to go-as long as they have a PC there of course.

Isn’t the technology great?

More about MojoPac from Lifehacker.

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