A Lunch that Mattered The Best Compliment
Feb 18

On numerous New Year resolutions lists published by the business magazines this year was “Backup Data.” This is something I’ve been doing for awhile, but I’ve been backing up data to an external hard drive. Although I’m ahead of 98% of the crowd when it comes to backing up, I still have some risk:

What happens if I go to lunch and somebody comes in and swipes not only my laptop but also my external drive? Sounds far fetched? It happened to a business just down the road from me, here in quaint ol’ little Greenville, South Carolina.

The solution (and the solution for several other scenarios): Online Backup via JungleDisk.

My concerns regarding online backup were the following:

1. Cost (because I’d be backing up several Gigs)
2. CPU Utilization (e.g. did it bog my computer down while operating)
3. Did it work (as you know, a backup solution that doesn’t work is not a backup solution)

So far, JungleDisk has delivered on all three. They only charge $.15 per GB/month for storage. It should cost me less than $5 per month for online backup. The automatic backup feature runs seemlessly and quietly in the background. And the coolest feature, is for $1 more per month, JD will backup only parts of large files, like my Outlook PST file, that have changed. So it’s not going to upload all 1.5 GB of my Outlook file every time (because the file itself changes daily).

Make your New Year resolution come true today. Go download and run a trial version of JungleDisk. You might not be as thrilled as I am now, but when you’re hard drive crashes, you’ll thank me then.

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