Dyson Shows You How Building Blocks of a Company…err…Web Site
Apr 14

“I’m horrible with names.” Translation: “I could not care less about you.”

Remembering a person’s name is one of the greatest compliments you can pay somebody. Why tell them to their face that you are not going to respect them by NOT remembering their name? If you think a teeny-bit harder, I bet you can do it. It’s safe to bet of all the people who make this claim of suffering from name-amnesia, only 20% truly have the condition. Those 80% just don’t want to think. They merely don’t want to provide the brain power to remember the name.

So don’t say, “I’m horrible with names.” It’s a cop out and about the dumbest thing you can say. Simply trying will take you from here to there. Pay them the compliment. Give them the respect. When you can remember people’s names, you look like the superstar.

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