Building Blocks of a Company…err…Web Site Letting Go
Apr 23

Pet peeve: Getting meeting requests that automatically put events on my Outlook calendar without my approval. I manage my own calender, thank you very much, and I have my own system which requires me to do so. So I have to go in and delete the automated entry, decline to update the other party, yada yada.

Web sites are the same, especially when it comes to forms. Do you really need their address? If they’re asking for a quote that you’re going to send them by email, why get their address? Do you really need to require every field on your form? Probably not.

This is but one example of how to give users control. They’re on your web site and not talking to you because they want to be in control. They’ll contact you when they’re ready. If you make them do things on your web site (require an email addresses, watch a video or fill out a form for more information), they’re that much less likely to do what it is you’d like them to do.

**Update. Get control. Turn off the auto-accept for your Outlook Calendar.

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