Who Invented the RFP? Passion for Performance
May 09

PULSE had its bi-monthly Leadership Seminar at the West End Community Center, with a panel discussing the topic: “Leadership Lessons Learned from Running a Business.”

The Panel was moderated by Merus Refreshments CEO, Steve Baily. Panelists were:

-Steve Hoffman, Skyline Exhibits and Design
-Jason Freeman, J. Freeman & Associates
-Stacy Coulter, Spa at West End

Some great quotes/nuggets:

“If you love doing what your doing, you’ll never work another day in your life.”

“Who’s a control freak? To grow [your company], you have to let go and delegate.”
-Stacy Coulter

“You can’t be a leader if nobody’s going to follow you.”
-Steve Hoffman

One of the biggest take aways from the day was the idea of “You, Inc.”-or running your own personal company within your company. From an employer’s perspective, this translates into empowering your employees to take ownership in their area of the business. Stacy Coulter mentioned before she started Spa at West End, that her prior employer challenged her to be in charge of “Stacy, Inc.” She saw everything differently then. She owned what she was doing and that made all of the difference in the world.

PULSE had over 80 participants in attendance.

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