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Jul 17

About 18 months ago I tried out a service called Jott. It allows you to call a number, dictate into your phone and the service (for free) transcribes your message into an email and sends it to you (or a list you predesignate).

Pretty cool. Problem was, it had about an 80% success rate, which was just off enough to be annoying.

Today, a friend of mine recommended it to me and so I tried it again. It translated my message perfectly.

People use it to update their twitter account, to dictate, to jott reminders to themselves, to jott ideas, to easily update multiple people via email while driving, etc.

Try it. http://jott.com/

Isn’t the web great?

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  1. Trey Pennington Says:

    Jott’s a handy tool, especially for iPhone users. Thanks for the helpful blog post.

    Your friend,

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