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Sep 14

Within the next several years we’re going to see a new role added to small and medium sized companies. The necessity for this new role is the ever increasing importance that the web will play for businesses.

So start writing the job description for your new hire: Web Manager. Sure, bigger businesses have individuals who do this-even departments (so what does that tell small to mid-sized businesses?). The issue that necessitates such a role is the need for relevant and timely information. Be that new news, new product information, blogs, podcasts, etc. The need for information is now. The web is beyond brochureware. A updated web site is now a necessity, which requires rich interactive content. This isn’t for getting ahead; this is to compete.

Bottom Line: Start planning to hire a Web Manager now. You’re going to need a full time employee to manage your web initiatives in the next five years-if not now.

2 Responses to “You’re Hiring: Web Managers”

  1. olivier Blanchard Says:


    Most companies (SMBs) won’t be able to justify the ROI of that hire. At least not initially. For most, it isn’t necessarily a full time position either. Options: 1. Not having a web manager. 2. Letting IT handle it (the web is an IT thing, right?) 3. Getting someone in Marketing to do it - assuming there even is a Marketing department. All bad options. Have you considered adding this as a service?

  2. Adam Landrum Says:


    That’s sort of my point. The time is coming where SMBs will be able to and should be justifying the ROI. The issue is SMBs need to look at the web strategically, and get past brochureware. If the can get to that point, then they’ll start seeing the justification for an ROI. Like I said, I see this happening anywhere between now and the next five years.

    IT? I hope you’re kidding. I routinely say “get web out of IT.” Web is a marketing function (for 99% of companies)-IT is just how part of it is implemented. Give it to marketing and let marketing partner with IT to implement it.

    And lastly, you bring up a great point about Merge’s offering a service along these lines (web manager). In effect we do, but not formally. This is a good question and something web firms like Merge should consider offering in a more tangible way.

    Thanks for the thoughts.

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