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Dec 09

As Merge is wrapping up 2007, I’m planning for 2008, and looking at lessons learned from the last twelve months.

This weekend I analyzed my sales efforts for 2007, and I noted the following:

For companies that I had established an average or better rapport with the decision maker, I was 318% more probable to successfully make the sale. I also noted that I did not lose one sale where I didn’t have an average rapport or better.

Hmm. I think that’s a key observation. Application: Spend a lot more time developing rapport before jumping into a quote. It’s a waste of time otherwise. I’ll be 318% more effective if the relationship is there first. So I’ll be working harder on those relationships. It’s much more fun and rewarding anyway.

Before you sign-off and say, “nice lesson,” there are some things to consider how your web site can help you in the rapport building process.

Take the typical web site: it’s static, factual, and has little ability to build rapport to help the sale’s process. Consider these options to develop rapport with your prospects through your web site:

-Newsletter: Consistently sending a newsletter every month will continually put yourself in front of your prospect.

-Blog: Be transparent, let your personality show, and provide value. Do this a couple of times per week.

-Podcast: Your chance to be a radio star. By publishing at least monthly, you get the rare opportunity to speak directly to your prospect. Your credibility will go through the roof. Think of your competitors who are doing podcasts. Exactly.

Look at your last year’s sales. Think about increasing those sales about 300%. What will it take? By simply publishing a newsletter, a blog and/or a podcast. If you do one of them, you’ll not only close more sales, but you’ll also have more prospects. If you do all three, you’ll leave your competition in the dust.

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