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Dec 11

Today I had lunch with John McCain…and 250 of my closest friends, at The Rotary Club of Greenville.

Senator McCain’s platform was interesting. In his address, he had three bullet points:

-Veteran Health Care (due to the audience?)
-Dependence on foreign oil [yawn]
-Maintaining the course in Iraq (of course)

He touched on the following during the Q&A, on the (quotes are paraphrased):

-Economy: “Worst thing to do is raise taxes…fix the tax code. The current tax code discourages investments and savings.”
-Immigration: “The American people are skeptical of government (11% approval rating of Congress). We need to secure the borders first, address the 12 million illegals second.”
-Power: “Unleash America’s entrepreneurial spirit to solve our dependence on foreign oil…nuclear power…it’s a matter of psychology, not technology.”
-Education: “Vouchers and Charter schools.”

One gentlemen brought up a great question, that McCain skirted:

Gentleman: “We’ve heard all of these promises before-I’ve heard them for 20 - 30 years now. If the President and Congress can’t work together, then how are you going to be able to deliver on these promises?”

McCain: “We have made progress…since 9/11…radical, fundamental islamics…”


Senator McCain started off very warm, personable (cracking jokes and introducing his 95 year old mother) and relaxed. He’s done this before of course. I don’t know…I don’t have a strong political opinion or agenda, but I didn’t leave the lunch impressed.

Thanks for coming to Greenville, Senator. I guess I’m going to keep searching, and Google Ron Paul.

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