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Jan 23

How did we do with our headline for this blog?

I’m always intrigued, and note, how well news agencies write their headlines. Here’s this morning’s headlines:

How a typical person would have written these, would be:

-Man dies
-Stock Market Down
-People Illegally Leave Gaza to Egypt

None of these headlines (that I just wrote) compel me to act. Look at the CNN headlines. They use words like:

-tragic death
-seeing red
-walls blasted

Now, let’s juxtapose this versus some Google Adword headline writing. I just searched for CPA Services:

Wow, look at that middle title! “Accounting Services.” Whoa, that’s an eye-grabber isn’t it? Only the third one instills any compelling action in that it uses “Find.” Still pretty weak.

Review your adword campaign. Compare your headlines, to say, the local news headlines. Note the difference, and then apply your findings accordingly. Or better yet-hire a professional copy writer, and the ROI will probably be through the roof.

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