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Mar 25

Wasting Time

Adam Landrum | March 25, 2008 | 6:45 am

The internet can be the greatest time saver of all time. Looking things up in a snap, printing off directions so you don’t get lost, or buying something online so you don’t run to the store.

Then again, the internet is probably a bigger time waster than it is a time saver. Last night I found myself aimlessly surfing and luckily snapped myself out of it. Which leads me to: what do employees do during the day? Up to 2.5 hours is wasted each day-mostly attributed to the internet-or $759 billion per year in lost productivity.

Is that a black-eye for the internet or a black-eye for employees?

One Response to “Wasting Time”

  1. NewWorldOrder Says:

    With the whole Web 2.0 movement of making it so easy for anyone to publish there’s just any and everything online. I think the Internet has gotten far more interesting b/c EVERYBODY is publishing now.

    But this sucks for the employee namely b/c the Internet now tempts them each time they go to check their email or something…

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