Wasting Time The Ultimate Brand Experience
Mar 31

Today I’ll be at Clemson University playing in a golf tournament (forecast: 45 degrees and rain. Fun). I briefly thought about turning on my out-of-office auto-reply for my email, but then I thought, Why?

My faithful blackberry will be with me. I’m sure to glance at it now and again, definitely at the turn and the first thing I’ll turn my attention to at the conclusion of the match.

One could argue, in and of itself that such a scenario is sad. Today, people can’t stay unconnected for more than ten minutes. I can’t argue with that logic, as some time I take up that position myself. But today I think, “Because of technology, I can be out of the office playing golf, but still connected to the office.” Isn’t the web great?

The world doesn’t have to stop for me to get back from the tournament. We’re no longer out of the office because the office is becoming less and less of a physical place. Business can go on (though somewhat limited) and I can still enjoy a round of golf. The out-of-office reply is dead.

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