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Jul 23

You’ve had the problem before, no? You need to get a very large file to somebody, but it’s too big to email. You can burn it to a CD, put it on a jump drive, but then you have to either drive it across town or mail the media. Some may say you could FTP the file, but FTP is a little on the complicated for your average Joe.

The answer: Dropsend.com.

The free service (pay plans are available) allows you to “email” files up to 1GB in size. What actually happens is:

1. You indicate who you want to send the file to,
2. You upload the file
3. Dropsend sends an email with a link to the file upon completion of the upload
4. Your recipient downloads the file and can download it for up to 14 days.

Brilliant. The-file-is-too-big-to-email problem is over. Thanks, Dropsend.

Isn’t the web great?

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