The Web is Great: Working for Gas Money to Get to Work
Jul 24

Twitter. “What are you doing right now?”

What do I care if I know what time you go to bed every night (I confess, I did a night time tweet the other day). To most it seems ridiculous. Just one more thing to keep up with in this already crazy world.

But here’s what Twitter has done for me:

-Introduced me to people in Greenville (and around the world for that matter) that I did not know, which I asked to lunch or coffee and got to know somebody I otherwise would have never known.
-Put me in touch with potential employees (can you say, save $20,000 in recruiting fees?)
-Gives me about 1 - 2 good laughs per day
-Selling a new service from a person “met” on Twitter,
-and more.

So yeah, it’s ridiculous to tell everyone what you’re doing right now. Unless the service simply facilitates the ability to get to know and meet wonderfully, valuable people. Then it’s much more than what you’re doing, it’s about who you’re going to meet that you otherwise wouldn’t.

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