Why Twitter? Did the Internet Kill the Newspaper?
Jul 26

When I was in high school, I couldn’t stay awake during my Trigonometry class. The teacher asked me, “Why are you so tired?”

“Because I’m working at night” I replied.

“Why are you working?” he asked.

“For gas money.”

“Why do you need gas money?”

“To get to work.” I replied incredulously. It took a moment, but the 16 year-old in me finally got it.

I see this same mentality a lot from companies wanting a new web site or wanting to redesign their existing web site. Usually, the objective is lost on them. It’s not bad to have a web site. But when the default objective is having a web site for the sake of having a web site, isn’t that sort of pointless?

Why do you have a web site and what does it do for your organization?

Bottomline: Don’t be a 16 year-old when it comes to your web site. Have a clear objective as to why you have one and know what it needs to accomplish.. (If you need help figuring that out, we’re here to help!)

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